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Interim Management & Mentoring

We operate as CEO, COO, CFO, CRO, President, General Manager, or Coach/Mentor on an interim basis for middle market companies. Gantry brings experience and best practices from previous C-level positions where we have achieved successful results. So, we can step in and immediately hit the ground running.

  • Attitude: We get pulled into many challenging and high-pressure situations. We have developed the presence to maintain a sense of positivity, calm and confidence – a vital component for successful leadership through transformations and/or turbulence.

  • Team approach: The best leaders include their teams in virtually all decisions. We embrace this philosophy and have learned to earn trust early in engagements. Individual accountability to the team is imperative.

  • Authentic: We are as open and transparent with the team as possible and do not pretend to be something we are not. Team members appreciate honesty.

  • Learning approach: Open to learning from the team – whom, after all, are experts in their field.

  • Focus on Culture/Emotional Quotient (EQ): Experience to understand how to make decisions in a way that paves the path for effective execution. Communication is key. Active and sincere listening are critical.

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